Our venture is promoted by die hard

wildlife lovers & conservationists.

Our directors have spent years in the bush and were the first to set up private resorts and safaris in Karnataka in the mid 80’s.

Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung: Of Royal descent, sportsperson, wild life enthusiast, eco-tourism advocate, columnist, novelist, angler and photographer, has over 30 years experience in promoting and managing eco-tourism and jungle lodges and camps.

As an extension of his activities in India and his undying passion for the wilderness, based on his vast experience he has started ‘Africa under Canvas ‘, in order to offer the perfect wilderness experience set within the national parks of Africa. Like in Africa, he has recreated the uncomplicated rawness coupled with ultimate comfort at The Bison.

Shaaz Jung: An avid wild-lifer, renowned naturalist, cat tracker and wildlife photographer. Shaaz left the lucrative corporate life having earned his degree from the Utrecht School of Economics, to follow the family’s passion of establishing eco tourism as an integral tool for Conservation. Shaaz has spent years studying game movement in South India and has earned the name ‘Leopard man of India’ with his astonishing Leopard portfolio. Shaaz works as the Camp Host and Naturalist and his photos taken in Kabini with The Bison can be seen on his social media links below.

Riad Fyzee: A wildlife enthusiast and sportsperson. Riad owned and managed a travel and tourism company and has immense experience with wildlife, trekking and camping in the bush.


Our camp is full of soul and eccentric characters. The team have been carefully put together and are sure to give you a lively and fun wildlife holiday.


Naturalist & Camp Manager

Anyone who meets Vikrant wont forget him very soon. Raised in the wild, he’s difficult to tame but his field knowledge is immense and he makes a fabulous naturalist. He is great to interact with so make sure you ask him questions on the area and its wildlife.


Camp Host & Manager

Vinay is Mr Reliable and you can count on him for anything at camp. He is far too overqualified to be working in the jungle, but his passion for wildlife and people makes him a fabulous host and manger at camp. Vinay loves his walks into the wild where he goes looking for snakes so don’t be too shocked if you see one around his neck.


The Bison’s nomadic Natualist and Host

Shaaz is as elusive as a leopard. Tracking him down is difficult but if you do he by far the most knowledgable tracker and guide the area has to offer and is guaranteed to show you the spectacular. He spends most of his time shuttling between Kabini and Africa guiding avid wildlife lovers.

His work on Kabini is unsurpassed and can be seen on his social media links below.