Bush Dinners

Dine under the starry Kabini sky in the heart of the wild on the banks of the backwaters.

You will enter into a world of elegance, beauty and romance. The outdoor feel, surrounded by dimly lit ambiance and unending bush beyond, is the perfect setting for a quiet evening under the stars.  A personal butler with a bar will accompany you as you enjoy your tranquil night to the sounds of the wild.

You will sit around a bonfire where drinks and food are brought to you.

Backwater Breakfast (Not Available during the Monsoon)

Located in a scenic spot on the banks of the backwaters overlooking the forest, this breakfast features the traditional south Indian cuisine which will be made fresh (on glowing charcoal fires) as well as a selection of fruits.

Sun Downers

A lovely way to end a beautiful day out in the wild. You will be taken to a breathtaking spot overlooking the beautiful landscape, sometimes dotted with elephants, gaur, deer and more. Enjoy a drink in elephant country on the banks of the backwaters and watch the sun set over the forests. A bar, tables, chairs and personal staff will welcome you. A rare overwhelming feeling of tranquility and beauty will take over you as you will experience Kabini at its best.

Night Motor Boat Ride

Ever wondered what the sky look like from a boat in the middle of the forest, or what it is like to take a motorboat out after sunset and have a drink on the placid Kabini waters? Here’s your chance to in indulge in an experience you will never forget. You will head out late evening on a boat and anchor in the middle of the backwaters for an hour.  A small bar will be set up for you on the boat.  For as far as the eye can see you will only enjoy a drink to the moonlit waves of Kabinis waters.

Romantic Poolside Dinner

Lounge in complete privacy under a cozy pool-side shack and soak up the romance of a candlelit dinner.

Note: Please note that certain activities are weather dependent and seasonal. 



Explore the jungle with the best trackers and guides as you will go in search of some of the most elusive animals the world has to offer. You have the option of doing two safaris a day, one in the morning and another in the evening. We offer both Vehicle and Boat safaris. The motor boat safari offers wonderful viewing for aquatic life such as crocodiles, otters, water birds and more. Its also fabulous for elephants and the occasional tiger lounging in the backwater

To know more, please visit our Safari section.


Discover the local tribes surrounding the backwaters and explore the virgin landscapes and its vivid wildlife with our local guide. We offer two types of treks: The Tribal Trek: Explore the nearby village and understand the people who reside by the forest and the Long Trek: Take a motorboat and head into the horizon to explore the land across the water. Many tribes, villages and wildlife inhabit this beautiful area.

Sunset Boating (Motorboat)

Experience the beautiful red skies at sunset surrounded by placid waters, flocks of birds, wildlife in the distance and the unforgettable sounds of nature.

Photography Lessons

Learn the art of photography and practice your newly learnt talents on Wildlife. Our senior naturalist Shaaz Jung is a professional wildlife photographer and our resident naturalist Shashank Reddy is a talented photographer. Check with their availability once you check-in if you’re keen on learning a trick or two!

Motorboat and Coracle Rides

Float around in a Coracle, one of the oldest modes of transportation or a Motorboat anytime.

Bird Watching

Take the book of Indian birds and head out with a bird specialist.

Night Walks

Dare to venture out at night for a walk to find nocturnal life? Our resident naturalist leads a fabulous walk for reptiles and other lesser known animals.