Locating Us


From Bangalore to The Bison – 220 km

From Mysore to The Bison – 80 km

From HD Kote & Handpost Circle to The Bison – 30 km

From Forest Dept Check-post to The Bison – 12km

From Karapura to The Bison – 3km


On Bangalore/Mysore highway turn right onto the ring road at Columbia Asia after Srirangapatna.

After 20 km take a right onto the HD-Kote Main Road also known as the Mysore/Manandavadi Highway or NH32.

At HD-Kote & Handpost Circle go straight and you will arrive at a fork in the road (Approximately 50 km from Mysore exit).

Take a right at the fork. DO NOT take a left and go towards Kabini Dam.

After you pass Antarasante, you will hit a Forest Checkpost Dead end.

Take a left at the Checkpost and travel through villages for 10 km

You will then arrive at Karapura. At the Karapura Circle take a right (NOT a left; The left will take you to the other resorts).

After 2 km you will arrive at Gundathur Village. Take a left at the ‘Bison 0.5 km’ board. Drive down through Sugarcane fields to the backwaters and you will arrive at The Bison Resort.