Our Rustic Machan Suites are elevated above the ground and give you a beautiful ariel view of the backwaters, camp and the forest.

Similar to the Deluxe Tent, these rooms have wooden flooring and a king sized bed, however, the Machan’s are also equipped with plush couches and a single bed to lounge or sleep in. The sit out has a different feel as you are elevated 20ft of the ground with a stunning view of both the forest and farmlands behind.

The bathroom is larger in comparison to the Deluxe Tents and is equipped with a walk in shower. You have the options to pull up the blinds and watch the forest while you bathe. Grab a pair of waterproof binoculars and enjoy luxury on the edge of adventure.

Note: These are rustic and spacious rooms. The bathrooms are have an outdoor feel. Strongly suggested for those who want a true camping experience.