The Area

The Bison is located in the southern part of Nagarhole National Park on the Kabini backwaters in Karnataka. The area boasts of the highest density in asiatic wildlife and is considered one of the best places in India, if not the world to view the asiatic elephants, gaur and Indian Leopard. The Tiger population has seen a great rise off late and the area is known for its magnificent sightings of the elusive Black Panther.


You will never experience the true jungle unless you get into the forest. We have two types of Safaris, the vehicle safari and the boat safari. Each offer fabulous game viewing and a different perspective of the forest.

There can be nothing more haunting than a herd of elephants drifting through the early morning mist, or the alarm calls of sambar, spotted deer and peacocks as they warn of a tigers presence. Though the forest and its beautiful animals are never in a hurry, everything happens at lightning speed. So when you are in the forest, keep absolutely silent and observe all that happens around you.

At The Bison we offer you a unique Safari experience where you will explore the forest with our naturalists; Vikrant and Shaaz. Shaaz is known as ‘The Leopard Man of India’. His cat tracking skills, breathtaking photography and write ups on Leopards and other wildlife, has won him awards and seen his work featured in many magazines, websites and newspapers. His online portfolio and work can be followed at


All safaris are regulated by the forest department. Safaris can be booked at the resort. Bookings for the evening safari close at 1pm and 8pm for the following morning safari. All guests are guaranteed one boat and one jeep safari per room night. This is applicable to groups below 10pax.

Groups above 10pax over weekends should contact the office to know more.

The size of vehicle depends on the number of people going on safari. This can vary from a smaller 8 seater vehicle to a larger 16 seater.

Children below five (5) are not allowed on the jeep safari as per our company policy, they are however allowed on the boat safari and bookings for them can be made at the resort directly.

Wildlife from Camp

The camp is situated in the heart of the man-animal conflict. It very purpose is served in implementing solutions to this conflict. Apart from the movement of the tribal of the area around the lands, the wilderness also moves in and around our premises. Elephants, leopards, wild boar, and deer can be seen quite often from the camp itself. If you are lucky, you may even hear tiger roaring into the night, its terror stricken prey sounding their alarm calls.

Our Observation Deck is beautiful place to spend the day and watch the world and its wildlife go by. The neighboring sugarcane fields are an eerie and fabulous place to see a leopard at night.



Our unique location and low inventory allows us to offer a number of exclusive activities that other resorts in the area are unable to. Our trained staff ensure the highest quality service with activities that are personally designed to make your stay memorable.

At The Bison we offer two types of Activities; Common Activities and Star Activities.

The Common Activities will keep you constantly entertained with coracle rides, exploring the land through beautiful treks and photography lessons amongst others.

The Star Activities are what differentiates us from any other property. They are guaranteed to enhance your jungle experience as you will dine in the forests, have a drink at sundown with possibly a herd of elephants and much more. These Star Activities are highly personalized and very exclusive.

We encourage you to partake in as many such activities as you possibly can to get the best out of your visit.

Please note that the swimming pool is temporarily closed for maintenance.

Activity List