We are small, exclusive & unique!

Our boutique African Style Tented Camp overlooks the forest. With highly personalised activities, an incredible location and the best safari guides, we are here to give you truly memorable wildlife experience.

Serene and tranquil through the day while exciting and adventurous at night; the Bison Resort offers a luxurious experience at the very edge of adventure.

‘The Bison is situated at the confluence of the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks, on the shores of the Kabini River in Karnataka (West of Mysore).

A mix between a rustic African wildlife tented camp and the old lodges of the Raj, we offer a beautiful balance of luxury amidst wilderness.

The Bison is the only property on the banks of the Kabini backwaters which overlooks the Nagarhole & Bandipur Tiger Reserve. We are closest to the gate (0.5km) and offer fabulous game viewing, both from camp and on safari.

Curl up in the cosy deck and gaze into the forests at sunset, have a drink by the crackling fire, share your stories, dine in the jungle under a blanket of stars, soak in the romance of a sundowner on a motorboat, thrill yourself with tracking down big cats on safari. As we at The Bison always say, “If you are game, so are we.”


We believe in experiential travel where our guests at Camp are explorers. We will personalize your stay, help you track wildlife and offer you activities no one else can.

 Location & Team

Watching elephants graze on the opposite bank from the Observation Deck (equipped with binoculars and telescopes) is not uncommon. Herds of gaur can be seen in the late evenings by the water. Deer, Sambar and Wild boar are at large through the day. Our resident Leopard has also been spotted by guests numerous times this year and if really lucky you may even find the elusive Sher Khan walking the banks of the backwaters, all while lounging at camp.

Our team at Camp are great fun and create a wonderful atmosphere who will help make your stay memorable. To know more about them and their eccentricities, please visit the About Us section.

Unique Accommodation

The Bison takes pride in being the only African styled Tented Camp in South India. Our rooms are spacious and cosy and come with a stunning view. We offer an entirely new experience as we maintain the rustic nature of the forest coupled with some small luxuries, to allow you the ultimate comfort in natures lap.

We at the Bison detest crowd and noise. With our limited number of rooms we hope to maintain a tranquil environment all the while providing a very special, personalized, and exclusive service. So if you’re looking to avoid the stereotypical jungle vacation in a concrete, pseudo environment, The Bison is for you.

Spoil yourself, come to the jungles and experience something extraordinary.

Special Activities

As mentioned above, The Bison’s unmatched view and low inventory allows us to offer exclusive and highly personalized activities. These activities will strongly enhance the experience and enrich your holiday.

Come dine under and by the forest at our Bush Dinners, or take a midnight boat ride with tea on the backwaters or have a drink at sunset by the banks and count elephants. The Bison offers you something unique and very different.

We have two types of activities, Common and Star. You can find these on our activities page.



At ‘The Bison’ we take our Safaris very seriously. We believe your safari, guide and route is the difference between a life defining wildlife holiday and one that is just ordinary. The forest holds immense knowledge and behind every forest lies an untold story. At The Bison, we try and unravel the mysteries together as we share our knowledge and explore the depths of the jungle. This isn’t just about spotting animals, it’s about understanding the whole social structure, emotional bondages, fear and beauty that lies in these woods.

Guided by Shaaz Jung and his team of Naturalists, you are in the best of hands.