Ever wondered what’s so special about Kabini?

  • Kabini is a river in Southern India. It originates in the Wayanad district of Kerala, flows east to join the river Cauvery, which empties into the Bay of Bengal. This is the largest river in the Nagarhole National Park.
  • Once a private hunting area for the British, this famous wildlife destination has a rich variety of flora and fauna making it a renowned tourist spot.
  • Kabini spans an area of 5,522 sq. kms. across the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and is home to the largest herd of Asiatic Elephants in the world.
  • The vibrant jungles are swarming with Leopards, Panthers, Sambhars, Spotted Deer and Cheetahs along with more than 300 species of birds.
  • The main attraction of Kabini tourism are jungle safaris, nature walks, boat rides, cycling, bird watching, coracle rides and bonfire nights.

Just a couple of hours drive from many prominent cities in South India, Kabini is one of the most enchanting natural holiday spots in our country. We, at The Bison, are here to ensure you make the most of it!