Monsoons in India are much awaited for the relief they bring from the scorching heat of summer. It is the time when nature is at its supreme but it also augurs a hard time for vacationers and in some destinations is the end of the holiday season. Notwithstanding the hardships that monsoon brings, we love planning our holidays at The Bison during the rains – It comes truly lush and alive, reviving everything to life! Monsoon at The Bison provides a great opportunity for those who want to escape from the flooded streets, traffic jams and usual drudgery of lives.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you drive out in the rains:

  • Synthetic Clothes: If you’re travelling during the rains, remember to pack well – Synthetic clothes are the best option for travellers as they dry out quickly. Don’t forget to pack in some weather appropriate shoes, a raincoat and an umbrella with you.
  • Medicines & Repellents: Puddles become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. With insects rampant, diseases spread through the air and water. It’s best to carry repellents to keep these disease carriers away and medicines incase you fall ill.
  • Food & Water: Always stick to a bottle of boiled or mineral water and eat proper cooked food. Opt for warmer beverages such as teas and coffees rather than soft drinks and juices.
  • Technology: Many of us wish to keep all forms of technology away when on holiday, but how many of us actually do? For all you technology buffs out there, make sure you use a waterproof bag and keep your gadgets well protected. Store your phones, laptops, iPads and all other stuff in plastic or zip lock bags.

We at The Bison take care of the above to ensure our guests have a comfortable stay and a fantastic travel experience. Do keep these tips in mind from the very beginning of your journey and specially in transit, before you reach your destination in Kabini. This is the most rejuvenating season to travel in as you are free of the jostling crowd and many of the usual dampeners!